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Network Operations

Servers Need Support

If you are not doing regular maintenance on your servers, there is a good chance that something is already in a state of failure. Top quality, reliable servers will run for days or even months even in a critical state to allow for a technician to plan and repair the system during an appropriate outage schedule.

However, if that maintenance is not being done, your server could be running on the edge of failure right now!

• Highly Advanced Management Dashboard

Our management tools are able to truly identify small issues before they become major problems. Automated processes, combined with superior IT knowledge and experience create an excellent system to manage even your most critical infrastructure.

• Custom Scripting Capabilities

Our scripting tools are able to provide support for JavaScript, visual basic, command script, batch files, PHP, python, powershell, and more. We can write custom automation scripts to enhance server up-time, run regular maintenance routines, restart buggy applications, and much more.

• Hardware and Software Scans

Our 24/7 checks run every 5 mins or 15 mins on your server. These checks use very minimal CPU & memory yet are a very powerful in proactive maintenance of your systems. We can monitor such things as:

  • CPU usage
  • RAM memory usage
  • Page file usage
  • RAID platform, I/O and disk
  • Hard Disk activity
  • Operating System event logs
  • Network card I/O utilization
  • Automated Services checks
  • Network device scans
  • Website checks / uptime checks

• Help Desk, Documentation & Ticketing

With our advanced tools, and always up to date technical training we can provide a more efficient and effective IT service for your company than what your budget would allow for if you did everything in house.  Also, everything we do on your systems is documented, and we keep full records of your IT configuration up to date at all times.  With Reality Bytes Managed IT Services, you can have the peace of mind of having a complex IT department, without breaking your budget.

By outsourcing your IT management to Reality Bytes, you free up the burden of time and responsibility, giving you the ability to focus on growing your business.

Our MSP team spends countless hours each day researching the latest trends in information technology, new hardware systems, and software advancements.  We can put this knowledge to work for your company today!!