Websites & Hybrid Cloud

Cloud Services

Website Design

Reality Bytes Incorporated provides web design services & solutions. Through, we provide initial consultation, website development, ongoing maintenance, and web site hosting.

Application Virtualization

Reality Bytes can cloud enable almost any application, making in accessible from anywhere, on any device, anytime! We can make virtually ANY software application cloud enabled!!

Microsoft Office 365 Solutions

It's time to put your business into the cloud. If you’re like most small businesses then chances are you’ve struggled with this issue - and with good reason. After all, you’ve got a lot to think about.

Self Serve Web Services

RBIcloud provides you with all the web services you need, in an easy and secure do it yourself website. Register a domain, setup your own hosted server, register SSL certificates, and much more.

Virtual Server Hosting

Virtual servers are the ideal solution for your growing business!!  At Reality Bytes it’s our mission to provide the virtual server hardware and support you need to reach your business goals faster. Let’s get started today!

Cloud File Sharing & Backup

RBI Secure Sync is cloud enabled file sharing for business.  Protected by an amazing 448-bit Blowfish Encryption algorithm, and with infinite revision capture, Secure Sync is the best solution for small business.