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About Us

What We Do

We are people who love people. We serve individuals and organizations by:

  • Making technology easier to access and utilize in the workplace and at home. We know that educated, confident team members lead to decreased workplace stress and in turn, increase productivity & profitability for you.
  • Being approachable in everything we do and sharing our expertise in ways that won’t leave your head spinning. We recognise that technology evolves at an impossibly fast rate, and we’re here to guide you to solutions that work best for you and your people.
  • Refusing to recommend changes that we would not first make to our own company. If we wouldn’t do it, we don’t expect you to, either.
  • Giving back to the communities that we call home. We show our love for the communities that support us by way of donations; monetary, labor, services, and volunteering.
  • Being an advocate for positive, responsible change within our partner organizations and leading by example.

Our environmental initiatives include:

○  Operating as a paper-free company for well over a decade.

○  Reclaiming the waste heat generated by our data center as passive heating for our head office. Through this change, we achieved a reduction of 75% in our yearly natural gas consumption.

○  Establishing renewable power generation within our Rural ISP network with a focus on Solar Energy.

Our Core Business Offerings:

Technology Solutions & Services

  • Technology Management
  • Cybersecurity
  • 24/7 Support
  • Meeting Hardware and Software Needs

Communications Solutions

  • Internet Solutions
  • Telecommunications
  • Website and Cloud Services

Education Solutions

  • User Security Training
  • Soft Skills
  • Microsoft E-Training

Value Statement:

We are a future focused team that enshrines empathy, integrity, and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence in what we do.

Our Values:



We don't view problems as bugs to be squashed. When we discover a problem, it’s the perfect opportunity to find a solution that works BETTER than the original design.  We are always looking forward; towards solutions that can scale with clients as they grow and succeed. Every problem we solve provides an opportunity to learn from or optimize a process.


While our work and the problems we deal with are based in technology, code, and electrical circuits, we always remain aware that each problem we fix has a human being attached to it. We know that without striving to understand our partner employees' thoughts and feelings, we cannot foster the trust and communication required to maintain a positive relationship. Without clear communication and real relationships, we are nothing.




We enshrine the pursuit of excellence in all facets of our work. We know that the devil lies in the details and seeks to leave no stone unturned and no process untouched.Our success stems from executing and iterating on our knowledge - and in the ever-changing world of technology, our pursuit of accuracy is never ending.



 We acknowledge that there is a vast difference in knowing a path and walking it. We are guided by a strong moral compass and seek to act with integrity and ethics in our work – even when we know no one is looking.



Binary is the language of modern technology, and it consists of just two numbers; 1 represents positive (on) and 0 represents negative (off).  We strive to implement solutions that both address needs and enshrine positive changes in our partner organizations to help them grow and prosper.

Company History

Twenty-five years in business has taught us that there is no "one size fits all" method of implementing technology. We know our success lies in finding strategic solutions for our partner organizations that optimize their efficiency, streamline their processes, and allow them to extract as much value as possible from their investments in technology.

Our relationships are the cornerstone of our success, and we are always mindful of the trust that our partner organizations place in our team, their experience, our recommendations, and our services.

As an organization, our pursuit of excellence doesn't have a finish line. We are constantly learning and iterating upon that knowledge to double down on the reliability and robustness of the services we deliver.

We invest in our team to elevate their knowledge, inspire confidence, and reinforce competence, supporting them to give the best possible service to our partners' teams, while being at the razor's edge of our rapidly shifting industry.

With 24/7/365 coverage and our core values of Empathy, The Unrelenting Pursuit of Excellence, Future Focused Thinking, Positive Problem Solving, and Integrity, you can always trust in Reality Bytes for your Technology Based Solutions.

"Our vision is always to build a working solution for our client, not to just sell them something that they don't need, can't use, or don't understand. It's with this vision in mind that we have grown year over year since day #1, and our success has always been based on the fact that customer service is paramount."

John Shoff
CEO / Owner