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RBI Cloud Solutions

Cloud File Sharing & Backup

You know it, we know it. Technology today is all about the cloud. You need a system that doesn’t tie you into an office in order to access your critical business documents.

We’ve got it covered.

What does SecureSYNC do, in a nutshell?

  • Managed File sharing for internal/external parties.
  • Share anything you need. (Documents, program files, pictures, etc.)
  • Access control - set rules so files can be accessed but not edited to avoid unwanted changes.
  • Access to your files across multiple devices and platforms.
  • Infinite revision history. Made a change to a file that you really regret? No worries. Just open up a previous version in your sync and revert that mistake.
  • Need to grant access but don’t want to shell out for additional licenses? No problem. Guest accounts are FREE, and have limited upload access to shares and read content that you allow access to.
  • Continuous, real time backups. Your files are updated as you change them.
  • File retention policies. Set automated delete dates so you don’t have to wade through obsolete files.

With RBI SecureSYNC, we can provide you with a fully customisable, secure system that will allow you to access your data across multiple devices; be it from an iPhone, a PC, a Mac, an Android smartphone, or a tablet.

SecureSYNC is as the name states, secure.

Any data sent across this service is encrypted to a level higher than industry standard – higher even than schemes used by banks. Under a 448-bit Blowfish encryption schema, your data is almost four times more secure than the data transmitted by a bank.

But you also need simplicity. We get it! This system is so simple that on-boarding for it should only take a quarter of an hour.

You probably have more questions?

(We hope so)  So let's get in touch & discuss this further.