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Company History

Reality Bytes is a technology and telecommunications company established in 1998.  We've been in the IT industry for approximately 25 years.

Reality Bytes employs a team of over 30 salaried and contractual employees with expertise and backgrounds in:

  • General Information Technology
  • Network & IT Security Solutions
  • Advanced Network Design and Implementations
  • General Advice on business planning centered around technology
  • Telecommunications Solutions (Advanced Telephone Solutions, Internet connectivity, Wireless Solutions)

We KNOW our success lies in the fact that we specialize in finding ways of making our clients more streamlined, more efficient, and using technology to simplify their lives. We would not exist today without the partnerships with our clients, and the trust that they put into our experience, products, and services.

We constantly research & continually expand our managed IT service offerings to provide customers with the best possible user experiences, efficient service, and enhanced security, while staying on top of the cutting edge IT services and support.  Our Network Operations Center is available to our MSP contractual customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

"Our goal is always to build a working solution for our client, not to just sell them something that they don't need, can't use, or don't understand. It's with this goal in mind that we have grown year over year since day #1, and our success has always been based on the fact that customer service is paramount."

John Shoff
CEO / Owner