Managed Security

Managed Antivirus



Whether it's a la carte, or part of the Reality Bytes Managed Services program, Reality Bytes Managed Antivirus is the easy-to-deploy virus protection solution.

Managed Antivirus PRO

Highly effective virus protection

Based on the award-winning BitDefender Enterprise technology, Our Managed Antivirus PRO solution offers you and your staff highly effective virus protection with very low impact on system resources.  Running a full system scan is as easy as a few mouse clicks, AND if you have a managed IT services contract in place with Reality Bytes, we can schedule and manage your Antivirus PRO software properly.


Easy-to-implement Enterprise Class Protection

For clients already on a Reality Bytes Managed IT package, rolling out the security solution is only a couple of mouse clicks away!!  Furthermore, because it is a fully managed product, we are able to assist you in the event of a threat, and ensure the updates are installed and things are running 100%





Free malware removal service!

We're so confident that the our Managed Antivirus tool will stop threats in their tracks that if in the highly unlikely event it doesn't, our technicians will carry out full remediation at our cost.* Now that's what we call a pretty impressive guarantee!!!

Reality Bytes' Managed Antivirus is deployed and configured to all your devices with just a few clicks from our management dashboard - easy!  You can also migrate from another Antivirus vendor really fast using the FREE Competitive Agent Removal Tool (CART).  It automatically removes existing Antivirus agents from devices (where supported) when you install the tool.  Easy!!  

 *requires client by in a MSP remote or fully managed support contract


Network & Server Security Programs

Reality Bytes can also manage your critical IT infrastructure, including firewalls, network switches, and server equipment.  For more information check out our Managed Networks, or Managed Servers pages.  our baseline for Managed IT clients is a complete security assessment at least once per year, with spot checks on compliance run daily.

Network Audit

A complete test of the network is performed.  Analysis of the firewall and wireless encryption levels are completed, and changes are scheduled and implemented as required.  At this time a full software audit can also be performed.


Port Scan & Analysis

All TCP / UDP ports on the firewall are scanned and tests to gain entry into network are performed.  Any open ports are identified and closed unless they are valid for business communications.