Cloud pbx

Fully Managed, Cloud Hosted
Business Phone System

Advanced office & mobile cloud based 
phone system.  Get a very professional
sounding phone system, with very advanced

Receive calls from your desk, a soft-phone client
or on you mobile device.  Full integration.

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UNLIMITED lines, UNLIMITED local calling, UNLIMITED long distance within North America, and TONS of features.



base fee (includes first user)

  • includes up to 3 DIDs, either local or toll free numbers
  • IVR programming and management is all included
  • multiple extensions for each users
  • Voicemail to eMail is included for each user



each additional user

  • includes extensions for local, and mobile devices
  • route calls to multiple extensions (smart ring, find me - follow me configs)


Unlimited Extensions

Each employee can have their own extension, regardless of how many incoming telephone lines you have. Physical phone lines can then be shared by multiple employees, resulting in cost savings for your business. Each Extension does require a user license.

Unlimited Custom Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Auto Attendants allow you to direct your customers to various parts of your organizations through easy to use push button menus. You can even have different menus for different times of the day, such as open hours or closed hours.

Unlimited Company Name Directory

Empowers your customers to find people in your organization easily and connect directly to their extension.

Paging and Intercom

Support for group paging through your telephone handsets or integration through your overhead paging system. Two-Way intercom between phones.


See who is calling directly on your phone or Softphone client.

Call Forward

Easily manage call forwarding from the phone, from the user portal, or with the magic button.

Call Waiting

Handle multiple calls at the same time with call waiting.

Call Pickup

With call pickup you can easily answer phones other than your own.

Automated Voicemail Setup

Simply log into your voicemail and walk through recording your greetings.

Music On Hold

Play music on hold to callers. Optionally use different classes of music on hold depending on which Queue a caller is in.


Park calls in a “Parking Lot” and then pick them up from any other phone.

Voicemail to email

Receive your voicemail messages in your email box and play them over your computer speakers.

Soft-Phone support

With BYTEphone CloudPBX you can have a phone directly on your computer. With a simple computer headset, you can make and receive calls as if you had a handset phone on your desk. Great for customer service teams to reduce the cost of handset hardware or on-the-go employees with laptop computers.

Add Caller Id Management

The CallerID Management module is a unique way to modify the caller ID that is out pulsed on the fly.  For example add "support" to calls coming from the support queue.

Wake Up Calls

Wake Up calls produces hotel-style wakeup calls to any extension.

EndPoint Manager

The Endpoint Manager is an easy way for you to provision IP endpoints for a wide range of phones. Aastra, Cisco, Polycom, Grandstream, YeaLink, Snom supported.

Blast Groups

Allow groups of people in your organization to be grouped together to form customer service teams.


Allows you to simultaneously ring desk extensions, cell phones, and other phones. Imagine the freedom of being able to accept phone calls anywhere and everywhere.

DID Support

(Direct Inward Dial) numbers can be utilized to give employees dedicated inbound phone numbers without the cost of having dedicated lines.

Telecommuter Support

Allows remote employees to make phone calls through the PBX over the internet...from anywhere.

Unlimited Conference Bridges

Allow groups of people to communicate in one group setting from anywhere.

Automatic Remote Backup

Your PBX is automatically backed up on a central server every night. If something goes wrong, we can have you up in running from a backup in a matter of minutes.


The status feature is an extremely useful way to know where everyone in your company is at all times. It allows you to set your status to things like: Out of office, In a meeting. All users then have the ability to see who is available and who is not in the office. Users can also be notified through a page when a user changes their status from being away to being back in the office and then be auto connected with that user.

Caller-ID Pre-Pend

Pre-Pend names to inbound called ID’s. Allow users in multiple queues to answer the phone with the proper greeting depending on what number the caller is calling into.


With DND you can quickly put your phone in Do Not Disturb Mode. This will send your calls directly to voicemail instead of making the caller hold while your phone is ringing when you are not there.

User Control Panel

The user control panel is an easy to use way for users to set basic settings and more. You can view call history with the Call Monitor. Listen to, Delete, Forward, File, Voicemail messages, Set your Presence, Setup personal Contact Directories, Review Feature codes, Setup Follow-Me, Toggle Call Waiting and DND, Change Ring timers, Enable Call Forwarding.

Administrator Control

Set multiple Administrators on the PBX and set custom permissions for each.


Blacklist allows you to easily black list numbers, or even the last caller.

Feature Code Control

You can change feature codes to meet your needs.

System Recordings

Using your phone, you can easily record new system recordings. These recordings can then be used in places such as Announcements, IVR’s, Queues, and more.

Callback Capabilities

A callback will hang up on the caller and then call them back, directing them to the selected destination. This is useful for reducing mobile phone charges as well as other applications. Outbound calls will proceed according to the dial patterns in Outbound Routes.

Time Conditions

Time Conditions allow you to direct calls through your phone system based open and closed hours that you have defined.

Call Flow Control

Call Flow Control lets your toggle where calls are sent based on push button control.


Queues are used to allow a group of agents to work together to handle inbound calls. Queues are highly customizable and allow for multiple ring strategies such as ring all, Round Robin, Round Robin Memory, and Skill Based routing. Queues also have fail over destinations in the even that a call is not handled in a pre-set amount of time.

Interconnected BYTEphone Cloud Systems

Reduce phone bills by using the power of the internet or your dedicated point-to-point or frame relay network. Make inter-office phone calls without per-minute charges, save on line usage.

Fax Technology BYTEfax

BYTEfax is the built in faxing solution. With BYTEfax you can both send and receive faxes right from your PBX, you can even have inbound faxes delivered to you via email. We highly recommend handling all faxes over PRI or analog for stability.