Private WAN & Point to Point Solutions

If your business has two or more locations, Reality Bytes can build a custom solution to link your sites together, giving you the ability to access your data securely from multiple locations,


Private WAN

A private WAN or wide area network is a network technology consisting of two or more networks that are physically separated, yet are joined together using a combination of VPN technology and/or dedicated physical or wireless links.  The outcome is to make a secure network in which information from one site can be easily, and securely distributed to the other sites.


Point to Point Solution

If your sites are within 50KM of each other, a direct wireless link can be potentially created.  With the major enhancements in PxP backhaul equipment technology, we can now provide up to 1400Mbps full duplex links across distances of up to 15KM, or 1000Mbps full duplex links across distances of up to 50KM.

In all cases, a full site survey is required to determine availability