Xplornet Internet Services

Xplornet Internet for Business

Xplornet gives you fast and reliable connectivity to the Internet for your business, regardless of location. Xplornet offers multiple connection options. Regardless of your location, we can get you connected!

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BYTEsurfer Business Internet

BYTEsurfer provides you with always on, secure, and reliable internet service throughout areas of central Alberta.  The BYTEsurfer network is connected via a fiberoptic gateway to the Internet.  Co-hosting facilities are also available.

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BYTEsurfer Communications

BYTEphone for Business

BYTEPhone is a digital phone service that is IP based.  On the BYTEsurfer Internet network, BYTEPhone Voice traffic is prioritized via DSCP & QOS.

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Satellite Phones by GlobalStar

Reality Bytes is your local GlobalStar Satellite Phone dealer.  We offer sales of GlobalStar Satellite phones, SPOT devices, and rental programs.  GlobalStar manages a global fleet of low earth orbit satellites for data and voice.

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