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New Website Launched for Pizza 2/49 Drumheller

New Website Launched for Pizza 2/49 Drumheller
We were super excited to work with the Pizza 249 Team to build a custom designed website for them to showcase their food, their deliver & dine in menus, and also to incorporate an entire e-commerce solution that allows you to buy online and either pickup in store or have the food delivered. This setup includes both our BYTEsites platform, and the BYTEsite ecommerce platform for the online menu and ordering integration.

The Online Ordering Feature is GREAT!!!

Mike Benci - Owner / Operator

We included integration of the e-commerce features that directly link to on-site printing to auto deploy the order into the kitchen and highly optimize the ordering processes.  This is more than just a website, it's a complete online integration of business processes, order management, delivery & payment solutions.

Check out the website portfolio

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