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Former high-ranking public servant and head of Internet New Zealand Vikram Kumar caused quite a stir when he hooked up with Kim Dotcom to accept the role of founding chief executive of "privacy company" Mega.

Summary: India's Income Tax department initiates another round of reassessment against the two tech vendors, alleging they had claimed tax exemptions for work overseas that had no links to their Indian outfits.

In a bid to crack down on fraud, Australia's card payments industry has moved to phase out the decades-old practice of signing to verify purchases from August 1 this year.

iOS in the Car has the potential to be a huge development for Apple, extending the power of the iPhone and iPad to dashboards of millions of vehicles. Announced by Apple SVP Eddy Cue at WWDC 2013, iOS in the Car allows an iPhone to be connected to a vehicle so that iOS apps (like Maps and Phone) can be easily accessed from the touch screen built into your car's dashboard.

Summary: The 5G network is expected to be 1,000 times faster than the existing 4G LTE service, allowing users to download an 800-megabyte movie in one second, and will also play a key role in driving South Korea's economy.

Summary: Mobile advertising will surge 37 percent to more than $18 bn this year and nearly $42 bn by 2017. And while display ads will account for the lion's share of spending, video is expected to enjoy the fastest growth toward the end of this explosive three-year period.

The Coalition government is moving ahead with plans to force large social media companies to remove content deemed to be bullying, or face the consequences.

Few were surprised that the NBN Strategic Review strongly favoured a shift away from fibre-to-the-premise (FTTP) technology and a massive reliance on existing hybrid fibre-cable (HFC) networks. However, while evaluating the Strategic Review it is instructive to consider just how far the government's spin machines have twisted language and fact gone to paint its policy in a superior light.

Following the resignation of a former Australian Taxation Officer (ATO) employee over a Twitter account parodying former Prime Minister Paul Keating, Employment Minister Eric Abetz has told public servants to watch their social media usage.

Summary: The Australian government has commenced a review into employee share schemes on the back of concerns that the tax arrangements in Australia are deterring startups from staying local.

Summary: Wall Street was looking for earnings of 46 cents per share on a revenue of $2.99 billion.

Summary: Along with the usual glowing sentiments about the new ownership, Sparq's CEO noted the current service will be shut down.

Colorado and Washington state residents can pick up their pot stash from their local stores. But those stores cannot — yet — advertise on three of the most popular sites online: Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

The manufactured kerfuffle over HP’s decision to promote a few Windows 7 PCs on its online Home & Home Office Store is an attempt to stir up a fuss over something that every savvy business buyer knows already.

IBM's fourth quarter results were a mixed bag as the company’s earnings were better than expected, but revenue missed estimates as hardware sales tanked.

Summary: AMD shares started to tumble in after-hours trading, likely due to a weak outlook for the first quarter of 2014.

Summary: Botnets responsible, says government agency

San Francisco is rapidly polarizing against its tech workers as protests mount about shuttle bus use, and a huge rise in rents and evictions.

Andrew Hillier, CTO of CiRBA, came by to renew our conversation about managing cloud computing environments and a management philosophy that can make best use of cloud resources and features expected for CiRBA 8.0.

BlackBerry stock is up by close to 9 percent in early-afternoon Tuesday trading on the Nasdaq stock exchange on news that the U.S.

Summary: AWS is slashing Elastic Block Store pricing by as much as 50 percent in select regions.

Summary: You can't buy a PiPad, but you can turn your Raspberry Pi into a tablet with some odds and ends and elbow grease.

Summary: API Healthcare's products are already in service at more than 1,600 hospitals and staffing agencies nationwide.

Summary: Apple's push to bring educational tools and content to the masses continues this week with word that its iBooks Textbooks and iTunes U Course Manager will now be available in more than 50 countries throughout Asia, Europe and Latin America.

Summary: Despite an onslaught of devastating high-profile cyberattacks, four in five CEOs aren't regularly informed about potential threats to their organizations and only 14 percent of top executives play an active role in the incident response process.

Summary: The German software maker is pushing back its operating margin goal by two years in efforts to gather pace behind its cloud business.

Summary: Those IBM-Lenovo server talks are on again. Can these two agree on a price this time around?

Summary: For Ricoh, the move broadens its services footprint in the U.S. As for Best Buy, the sale of MindShift allows it to focus more on its core business.